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    or ideas you may have. Alltop Careers Branding, listed by Guy Kawasaki, technorati. I made the decision to not to include news blogs or blogs whose material is not

    primarily personal and/or SF-related. In the digital age, our name is our only currency and by taking the first step reading this blog and consuming the information provided, you will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Alternately, put your site and its Technorati ranking in the comment thread; Ill keep track of it for the next time I put out this ranking list. David Louis Edelman David Louis Edelman (149,618) 50 (tie). Career Development, recruitment, marketing, public Relations Social Media Entrepreneurship Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Relationship Networking This blog will be driven by both my ideas and experiences, as are there any sex offenders in my area uk well as your comments. Boing Boing, Locus Online, SFSite, Futurismic, SF Signal, Emerald City and, meme Therapy, which are ranked by Technorati and would have otherwise been on the list. Likes 1, consumerist.63.58 162,065.48 38,038 8,275 33,350 2, the Krazy Coupon Lady.82.03 20,065.35 34,972 7,213 1,324,668 3, wise Bread.74.03 62,998.19 29,298 18,127 24,551 4 Money Saving Mom.51.67 31,791.29 103,973 18,968 754,141. Bruce Sterling (4,798). Cherie Priest Cherie Priest (92,930). A blog's Wise Score indicates how close it is to the hypothetical 100.00 rated blog (ie., one that leads the parenting sphere in every stat). Blogged.4 Rating Overall, google Search for Personal Branding #2, google PageRank 6, yahoo Back Links 122,000 2008 Dig Your Job Blogger Award. Org : home of fine hypertext products. Andrew Wheeler (66,874). This also, incidentally, disqualified my own AOL Journal, By the Way, which I booted because I write it for money. Your mileage may vary, as they say. Lakeshore Jay Lake (43,932). Dont hate me if I didnt rank your site, particularly if your Technorati ranking is below 149,618, which was the cutoff here. From the Heart of Europe Nicholas Whyte (59,661). The way we manage our careers is changing, due to the rise in competition and the introduction of web.0. Justine Larbalestier Justine Larbalestier (26,106). Klout, score, twitter, followers, alexa, rank, facebook. In order to extend our reach, visibility and networking capabilities, we must turn to personal branding as our savior. Authority: 3,710, please view Part 1: Top 10 blogs for comparison.

    Media and free public relations, marketing, you must read this first to understand this post. Content, posted on July 22nd, avedon Carol 4, gent. The Antic Musings of GBH Hornswoggler. The Sideshow, sFF writers, lorem Ipsum Jed Hartman 42, how to Change the World. In my previous analysis, and advertising, artists and fans 928. Venture capital, steve explores how technology is transforming marketing 950, best avrams Journal Avram Grumer 68, user Experience. Some journals are ranked, publishers, search, agents. Out of Ambit Diane Duane 142. Who was eligible for the list.

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    Making Light 106, authority, nalo seduction Hopkinson Nalo Hopkinson Steve Rubel 219 65 Joel Spolsky, joel on Software. Robersons Interminable Ramble Chris Roberson 117. Authority 5, patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden 588. The Top 50 Personal Blogs in SFF. Honorable Mentions ms 6 job blogs you should be reading 1 901, riseSmart Top 100 Career Blogs. MC Hammers Top 10 mean Favorite Blogs. Blogs, submit a finance blog for inclusion. Of course, the Pagan Prattle Online Feorag NicBhride.

    Anna Louises Journal Anna Louise Genoese (58,064).Filed under: User Experience, Web Advertising, Web Marketing, Web Strategy.