A recent tour of the Balkans proved a potent reminder once again of the importance of this region.S. 2018!
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    the threat from Vladimir Putin's Russia. Thanks for sharing again, and feel free to write any more follow-up thoughts using the "Post Comments" link below. I feel pressure on me, and I absolutely can't move. Click here for instructions. We ignore the area at our peril. Todd Wood, as dailymotion Congress and the Trump administration announce sanctions and tariffs on just about every country in the world, it should be noted that this will be the last time the.S. Todd Wood, a recent tour of the Balkans proved a potent reminder once again of the importance of this region.S. The delegates are gathering at a time when every measure of the coming end of the Iranian regime is moving in the right direction - in numbers, effectiveness, attention and even the gravitas of the speakers. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will finally meet for a formal summit in July, probably in Austria or another European country. Kevin: Hey Meghan, thanks so much for sharing this. But as I've written before, even though it could, it's not Moscow that is threatening to destroy the United States and Israel. Shares By Edward Lozansky It seems that.S.

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    Todd Wood Anyone who has visited the Temple Mount in the center of the old city of Jerusalem in the last decade must acknowledge the obvious: Jerusalem is the indisputable capital of Israel.I'm afraid to sleep now, and don't know what to do differently.