The topic of sex education has sparked a heated debate in one Bay. 2018!
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    the sea of parents who are here in opposition because theyre so fearful of diversity and it makes me really realize how important what my son is doing. One

    board trustee said he believes a majority of parents want sexual education to be taught to their children, but the issue came down to what specifically should be discussed in the classroom. Sameer Jha and his mother, Charmaine Hussain, at the Fremont Unified School District Board meeting (Sandhya Dirks/kqed). Policies are often helpful or hurtful based on a teachers belief system, Ghorashi said. In 2010, some parents protested over the creation of a Harvey Milk Day. I had (sex ed) freshman year and there was nothing about gay sex or queer safety. Or, We Shouldnt Turn a Blind Eye? Many speakers said the course is too explicit for young children and noted it isnt even required by state law before middle school. Following the vote, the school board said it would convene a panel of parents and experts to try to reach a consensus on a sex ed curriculum that respects the beliefs of parents and adheres to state standards for next year. "I am highly educated Annie He said. She thinks racism has taken over the debate, and singled out South Asian-American and Chinese-American parents. As a parent you have to look at your child and choose what is best for your child, Crosbie said. PJI has previously weighed in on various school debates in the Bay Area: It took credit for convincing the Cupertino Union School District to hold off on their sex ed curriculum update last year. There are parents that actually sex education bay area believe that this is right for their kids, so please do not take the choice away from them, he said. "I've been booed when I've gone up and talked about my identity, and I've been bullied in school because of my identity Jones Larisch said. Meanwhile, the debate has drawn the attention of special interest groups. It added that the more than 2,600 signatures collected thus far are from around the country, not necessarily the community. Lakshman Kakkirala said he was disheartened to see a group of parents trying to limit sex education choices. Having gender-separated classes like I did isolates and ostracizes students like me who dont fit neatly into one of the boxes, Larisch said. Starting in April, Fremont Unified students in grades 4-6 are scheduled to be taught lessons in health, puberty and sexuality in what the district says is "essential information that is imperative to students' well-being.". The fact that what is best for the students and what the students are asking for was ignored is the most frustrating part of this whole process, Yin said. She didnt know it was toxic, she said. Debates over acceptance of lgbtq people arent new to Fremont - nor are heated school board meetings. "Whether were teaching it at home or were teaching it at school, at some point kids do need to learn some of the concepts and terms she said. "The repercussions of this are drastic: the board not only voted to reject chya compliant education but eliminated any sexual education for children at all he said in a post on Facebook. "Sex ed happened two years too late for me" - two years, she said, after she got her period. "Theres so much stigma in our community.". Based at San Jose State Universitys Spartan Daily newsroom, Mosaic students report and photograph real stories under the guidance of professional journalists.

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    All kids now live in the age of the internet. Amid the dispute, those children instead will be taught nutritionthemed lessons sponsored by the National Dairy Council. Some opponents and girl keeps looking away when i talk to her supporters have lodged accusations of racism.

    Area community, even before the lessons have started.After a roughly 10-hour meeting lasting into the early morning hou rs of Thursday, the Fremont Unified School District Board of Education voted.Sex ed starts here.

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    Because kids who attended the class talk about things like. And while they learned about anatomy. Deeply divided over how to teach students as young as fourth grade about sex little and sexuality. Students from charter schools or private schools say their sex education was brief and underwhelming. Parents like Annie He said they werenapos. Along with some teachers and current cum and former students. Jha said one of the reasons the inclusive sex ed curriculum is so important is to have kids talk about sexuality queer and otherwise. Was too young for these explicit details.

    The petition group could not be reached for comment.Now Hussain is her sons biggest cheerleader.