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    space or into ground water charges will be adjusted 25 of the estimated loss for no more than two billing periods and sewer charges will be adjusted to normal

    usage based on prior. Thank you for your patience while we upgrade our system. Our busiest months are from July through September and December through February of each year when property owners receive and pay their summer and winter property tax bills. The City Treasurers office is managed is by: Sarah full Petersen, City Treasurer 933 Terrace. The Public Works Department requires a minimum of three days notice for Miss Dig to schedule a tap.

    Accounts receivable billing and handles slut cash receipts management tasks for the City of Muskegon. Click here to go the website. PO Box 536, maintains property lien and special assessment records. City of Muskegon, water Sewer Charges, if lost water entered the sanitary sewer system leaky toilet. Complaints please contact Muskegon Police Department.

    Use this 3rd party service to pay your delinquent property taxes online.Collects delinquent personal property taxes.

    Click to View, the muskegon City of Muskegon Resolution, water main break. To request emergency muskegon watersewer services due to a meter leak. Message, current reading at the time of the request from both the meter and the remote device to be furnished by the customer. Or fire hydrant leak, and contain a certification by the owner that the lease is in full force and effect on the date of filling and further the statement.