Considering that traps are male, albeit very feminine, no, I do not, given that I m straight. 2018!
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    from Endride, whose Rapunzel Hair, long eyelashes, and general bishonen appearance cause some confusion, to the point of it being lampshaded when Shun is trying to describe the Ignauts to an innkeeper: Shun: Have you seen a guy with a feather sticking out. Create Post r/OutOfTheLoop Rules. The adorable tennis club member is noted to be cuter and more feminine than most actual girls by the protagonist narrator. In real life, he looks so feminine that, when he was once forced into competing in a beauty contest, he was the winner. #1.) Naoto Shirogane Persona 4 The Animation. The CSI episode "What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?" features a guy killed after he is mistaken for the female victim the murderer had already picked out. He was made to dress up as the princess in a play and made a very convincing girl with just a wig and dress. In middle school Ryousuke keeps his hair long to dress up as her.

    Girls who look like traps

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    People are free to like them, but I am, personally, not attracted to them.No I mean like this.

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