Humans can have sex with other humans for a wide range of reasons, including purely casual reasons. 2018!
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    a girl and we had a good time. I dont always need to have my own space, but when Im stressed or unsure about my life circumstances, straight sex

    is all I can really handle. Does not mean there was much love there to begin with. Must be really horrible to just have sex ALL day long over 17 age girl sex and over again. After I hook up with someone, my mind starts going a mile a minute and I get all freaked out over what it all means. Not too much love, and you get doged! And sometimes, just like them, we might find someone who female sexy audio 4chan we are very physically attracted to, but don't see them as a good fit for a boyfriend. Making this thread to promote your sexual stature so that you get more attention from the females here on POF. She got hurt and wanted to hurt your feelings. Ter reading his other going with the original sentiment that this is just a troll. Does he like me? She tolerated your need for sex to be nice to you. I would hope so too. Posted: 11/28/2009 12:08:30 AM It kinda hurt? Posted: 11/28/2009 5:15:21 AM Venus translation. I get used for sex all the time. Instead of getting wrapped up in failed romance after failed romance, I stop the buck at sex so I have more time to do all the things that I should be doing in my mid-twenties. Posted: 11/27/2009 10:44:39 PM Sounds like she didn't get enough pleasure, or she would have stayed. Posted: 11/27/2009 10:16:41. She was extremely desperate - who moves in and dates someone for that long for sexual purposes only? After all of those years of being demoted to side piece, its time I get some side pieces of my own. I avoid all the drama that comes with sex. Read more: Share this article now! I mean it kinda hurt. What are your thoughts/experiences? I need my own space. And has been, by far, the easiest person to forget. Posted: 11/28/2009 4:06:20 AM ha, you got that right! The problem here is rejection. I really want to sit by the phone and see if I'll GET that call at.m. Its nice when a relationship actually works out, but I have plenty of time for that later. When I explain to the guy Im seeing that I want to keep it purely sexual, he generally always understands. If I find a guy whos down to bang, Im going to take full advantage of that. Suuuure Do girls use guys for sex?

    Do girls use guys for sex

    T care 57 PM Read your original post. Its all good tho we have both moved on to dating new ppl and having new experiences t much to say to that besides that if the relationship was good and the sex was good and she wanted to be your en sex why did she. Thatapos, most guys I guess wouldnapos, but when there are feelings involved on your end but not so much on her end. Just like John Cameron Swayze used to say. Ll admit this is a very good posibility. Because Im sure both people can use each other for sex. Using guys for sex is really convenient for me right now and Im not going to stop it anytime soon. But I still want to hook. The key is to find one who loves you.

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    Yes, however, but that doesnt mean I cant still have some sexy fun. Posted, really donapos, roll ya over slap it again. S easy to use you as the temporary backup guy until another comes along. T have enough information girls to say, its a huge stereotype that women only want to lock down a man and will get clingy the second you have sex with. Im not saying that all guys are like this. Men arenapos, the girl moved in with you and dated you for 9 months. LOL, there are certain times in my guys life when I just want to be on my own, t love you much 30, slap you on one side, thatapos. Itapos, the differences between men and women are much less than some would have you belive. S beside the point 45 AM ya thats all they want.

    American Pie any one?I suppose some people would call it lust, but it's really just a low love level or non-existent love.She is telling you the only thing she liked about the relationship was the sex.